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Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF®) Technology

Phyton Biotech’s development services business is focused on harnessing plant-derived natural actives and products for use in the pharmaceutical field (APIs) as well as in food ingredients, cosmetic, and agricultural industries. Utilizing our proprietary Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF®) platform technology, Phyton offers a time, risk, and cost balanced path to commercially viable production processes.

Our methods are reliable and dependable, as demonstrated by multiple successful secondary metabolite contract development projects which have exceeded the benchmark for industrial scale plant cell fermentation. Our unique capabilities address the entire development chain, including Selection and Sourcing of Plant Material, Cell Line Development, Process Development, Down-Stream Development, Chemical Processing, Scale-up, and Commercial Production.

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In addition to selection and sourcing of harvested plant material, we are able to refer to a collection of several hundreds of cryopreserved plant species and a collection of bryophytes, enabling a fast track to sourcing and screening of selected natural actives. Our ability to draw on this collection reflects our expertise in cryopreservation, which is secured by related IP. Cryopreservation is the suitable choice for securing new cell lines for development purposes as well as sustainable production processes. The first step in Phyton’s Cell Line Development program is the generation of calli – a mass of undifferentiated plant cells. Transferring calli to liquid suspensions cultures, screening for high producing cell lines, and developing basic growth and production modes and conditions are the subsequent steps which lead to the selection of cell lines for further process development. Yield Optimization is the main objective of our development programs, and Phyton selects best cell lines by considering growth performance, stability, and favorable impurity profiles.

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Substantial Process Development capacities for cultivation are available in shake flasks as well as in twelve 16-litre fermenters. Growth and product formation conditions are developed at bench scale and then transferred into Phyton’s scale-up fermenter cascade with stirred tank reactors that can hold between 80 and 7,500 litres. This equipment is specifically set up and proved for plant cell cultivation. Product recovery and isolation can also be addressed. Phyton proudly offers a commercially viable process which can be further scaled up and developed as needed. Complementary to our PCF® upstream development activities, we can apply our world-class chemical expertise to extract, purify, and – when needed – chemically modify natural plant actives recovered from plant cell fermentation.

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Regulatory aspects are important not only at the production stage, but also during development. Our Quality Management group is involved in projects wherever required. Any large scale plant cell fermentation production process developed by Phyton takes advantage of over a decade’s worth of experience in the successful production of taxanes on a commercial scale, in compliance with all international GMP guidelines. Phyton’s unique state-of-the-art capabilities and impressive history of expertise in development and production enable us to carry out each and every step required for a full development program – from first plant cell to scale-up and beyond.